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Internet Marketing Trainer Presents


The Fastest Way to Get Traffic to Your Site
By: Gihan Perera


Lots of people would like to get their Web site to the top of
Google's free listings. But that's precisely the problem: You're
competing with lots of people. It's certainly possible to
get to the top - after all, somebody has to be there! - but
it takes a lot of time and effort. Alternatively, you could pay
a search engine marketing company to do this for you.

But by far the better way to get to the top of Google is to pay
for it. Google's "AdWords" program allows even a small business
to buy advertising for selected key words and phrases. You might
be surprised at how little you have to pay.

--- Here's how it works ... ---

Google (at www.google.com) has two types
of listings: Free and paid. Google makes its money from the paid listings.

Google AdWords is the name of Google's paid advertising system.
It is a pay-per-click advertising system, which means that
you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement.

AdWords is an auction-based system. You offer to pay a certain price for
each click, and you compete with other bidders for higher placement.

You choose which words or phrases you would like to use
for your ad. When somebody searches
Google using those search terms, your ad will appear. If they then click
on your ad, it takes them to a specific page on your Web site.

--- The biggest advantage is that it gives you CONTROL. ---

Another problem with trying to get into the free listings at Google
is that you don't have much control over how your page will appear.
You're not sure exactly which search phrases will display it; you're
not sure what Google will say about it; and you're not sure which
pages of your site will match Google's criteria for each search

With AdWords, all those problems disappear. You can control the
exact wording of your ads, the exact page they link to, the exact
search phrases they match, and exactly when they appear.

For example, when I went overseas for a month last year, I turned
off all my Google advertising while I was away. (That was in the
days before I had fine-tuned my advertising campaigns. Nowadays, I
would just leave the ads running, knowing that they would make me
money in my absence :-))

You can control where the ads appear in the world. For example,
at the time of the Australian election last October, one of my
clients had an election-related Web site, so we ran some Google ads -
but only for Australian Internet users.

You can get even more specific with geography. For example, I
can run ads for events that I'm conducting in Sydney, and only show
those ads to people in and around Sydney.

You can run two ads side by side and find out which is more
responsive. Then you delete the weaker ad and replace it with a
third ad that you pit against the stronger ad. Keep doing this
until you find the ad that gets the best results.

Google tells you exactly which words and phrases people used when
searching. For example, when we did the advertising for the election
campaign, we found that "Australian election" had 50% more searches
than "federal election"; and "liberal party" had three times as many
searches as "labor party"!

--- With all these benefits, why would you ever go for free listings? ---

I hope I've convinced you by now that Google AdWords is the best
way to get traffic from search engines.

But what about the free listings?

Actually, I'm NOT suggesting that you give up the idea of
getting a free listing in Google. There are definitely advantages
to these listings.

What I am saying is that you should go for the paid listings
first - to test your market, refine your ad copy and improve
your marketing. Then put your efforts into the free listings
if you choose.

About the Author

Gihan Perera is a co-author of "Get Traffic Fast", a
fast-track program to get started with Google advertising,
avoiding the common traps and pitfalls.

Sign up to his free mini-course "Google Kick Start" here:


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