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Internet Marketing Trainer Presents


Is it possible to make a million dollars using only articles to promote your business?
By: Christopher Kyalo


Here are two questions I get asked a lot about free articles as marketing tools.

Do articles really work in generating leads and bringing in business?

Can somebody make a million dollars by using only articles to promote their business?

Interestingly I get asked these questions by people who have heard about my services through one of my articles they came across. I am sure because there is no other form of marketing that I use. You would think that the fact that they got to hear about me and my services through the articles, in the first place, would give them a little more faith in this powerful form of online marketing and make them a little more confident.

Actually it is not that surprising when you consider that most people can hardly remember how they first came across a web site or business online.

While it is true that I stay in one of the less costly cities of the world (albeit away from my home country), I still have to support a wife, two children and a grandson. And I do it all from my online business.

You should also know that my income and leads generated through articles has been consistently growing at an increasing rate. That makes perfect sense because the facts are that as you increase the number of articles you have posted online and as the viral effect of your better articles getting re-posted all over the net takes place, the number of people exposed to your hybrid ads (that is exactly what articles posted on the net really are) increases dramatically. The inevitable affect of this is that you will get more leads and more business.

So the answer to the first question is YES.

The answer to the second question is also an emphatic YES. But I hasten to add that you will have to work very hard to reach that figure.

You will have to work very hard on the quality of your articles. And you will also have to be focused and focus all your articles, like a laser beam on a single subject, business and web site that you want to generate a million dollars for you.

For your articles to be really effective, they should strive to solve some pressing problem among your target market.

About the Author

Christopher Kyalo is a writer/marketing expert who makes money online only by posting free articles. Get his free course at bizboom@freeautobot.com and visit his blog http://big-online-story.blogspot.com. He can be reached at strongwallafrica at yahoo.com.

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