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Internet Marketing Trainer Presents


Give me 5 Minutes and I'll show you

"How to build your Super Digital Pipeline!" on the Internet.

Discover the SIMPLE Strategies of becoming a "Pipeline Builder". Stop Searching right now......And START getting the R-E-S-U-L-T that you always dreamt of!

"EXPECT to start generating Online Income within the next 30 days"

No Hype, No False Promises, Just plain simple Truth!


I am a software and web developer for many years. I have no problem with the technical aspects of creating website. However, I was a newbie when it comes to Internet marketing. During the Super Seminar, I learned a lot of online marketing strategies, tactics, tools, and resources from Richard. With my technical skills and the newly acquired Internet marketing knowledge and skills, I'm ready and confident to launch my online business.


I would like to thank Richard for such an information packed seminar with regard to marketing and doing business on the internet. All the more I appreciate how he has unselfishly shared his knowledge and how he encourages and motivates us to pursue our success and dreams. A man with such integrity is truly hard to come by these days. I've been searching for a business mentor for such a long time now and I thank GOD for linking me up with Richard and his consultants.

I have no regrets flying all the way from Perth to Singapore to attend his TIMM Super Seminar because I believe with his mentoring, I'll be able to build a digital wealth pipeline on the internet. And yes, if Richard would let me have the honour, I'll very much like to be his student, friend and business partner online and off-line.

Thank you Richard and GOD BLESS YOU !!!"

Wesley Goh

Perth, Western Australia


From the desk of

Richard Quek, PJK,ACA,ATII


Dear Friend,

Thank you for taking your time to read this message. You have my sincere admiration for wanting to succeed. I strongly believe that the reason you are reading my message is because you are searching for information and know-how to START and SUCCEED on the Internet.

Can I start by asking you these few crucial questions?

  • Do you feel like you are wasting your time and money trying to succeed on the Internet?


  • Do you wonder why you are NOT getting the result you desire, while others are succeeding? Do they possess the Internet marketing strategies and knowledge that you are not aware of?


  • Do you find it impossible to get massive traffic to your website? This is despite the fact that more that 82 million people use the search engines to surf for information every single day.



  • Do you feel that you are too OLD to get involved? ....and you are not computer and Internet savvy! You'll be surprised to discover that there are many successful Internet marketers who are above 55 years of age.


  • Do you sometime feel like quitting?

If you answered "YES" to some of the above questions, let me assure you that you are not alone. The truth is that 95% of those involved in Internet marketing do not succeed. Right NOW, you can be in the 5% group of those who SUCCEED by having the RIGHT information and internet marketing strategies for online marketing success.



So HOW can you benefit from visiting this website?


YOU can have access to all the Training, Resources and Tools for your Online marketing business on this site.


Here are some of the things that we offer:



    TIMM Workshop



This is a 3 hour FREE Workshop that will provide you with an understanding of the potential of the Internet. It will reveal to you the following:

For details on the up-coming TIMM Workshop please CLICK HERE


  • The various ways of making money on the Internet.

  • What are the best products to sell online.

  • How to have a Cyber Presence.

  • How to design your website with 'Killer Sales' Copy.

  • How to accept payments on your website.

  • How to automate your SYSTEM.

  • How to generate traffic to your website.

  • Success stories.

  • What's in it for YOU?


Richard's TIMM Super Seminar has been tremendously influential in my attempts to create a strong online presence. Prior to attending his seminar, I had tried a few internet businesses, but to no avail.

After learning from him, and receiving great advice and support, I am proud to say I'm earning a monthly 4-figure income from the internet. It's not much, but it's only been 5 months since I attended Richard's seminar. Think of all the possibilities down the road!

Steven Ng

Being in the IT industry does not mean that you have Internet Marketing knowledge. I started using Apple Computer when it was first available in Malaysia. Then from the good old Ms DOS prompt to Graphical Window XP today. I have a bachelor degree in Computer Science with more than 15 years experience in Software Design and Analysis. I am a hard-core programmer in Client-Server and Web based Application. My company is involved in Web Hosting and Web Design. With all this background, my Internet Marketing Knowledge is still near to zero until I attended the Super Seminar.

For layman, it is step by step GUARANTEED path to enter the IT web arena. For those in the IT line, you will gain an edge over your competitors. I reveal this ‘trade secret’ to you due to Richard’s unselfish and unhidden “knowledge transfer” in the seminar. DON’T MISS IT IF YOU WANT TO STAY AHEAD OF YOUR COMPETITORS.

Sam Khoo

"Richard is really an amazing person that I have ever met. He is sincere and keeps to all his promises. The cost of the TIMM Super Seminar is not cheap. Frankly speaking, I had to struggle with my decision to attend.

I am just a normal employee looking for a good chance to ‘fire my boss’. Before I took part in this seminar, I had been involved in some internet business for about 3 years. However, it’s just a part time income for me as I can’t even cover the cost of my food. After taking part in the seminar I can now shout out loudly that "The Internet Marketing knowledge that I learnt is much more than what I had learnt on my own during the period of three years”. I now have the confidence to succeed in the Internet Marketing World! I’m like a blind man suddenly seeing the sunshine! I have attended many seminars before and most of the speakers are not sincere and try to sell you products or more seminars. On the other hand Richard is different. He shares with you his knowledge and experience without hidden agendas.

Kam Chin



3 Day TIMM Super Seminar



This is a 3 day Seminar that will provide you with information, tools and resources on how to SUCCEED on the Internet. Regardless of what product or service you are marketing OR intending to market, the TIMM Super Seminar will provide you with the cutting-edge.


Here are some of the things that you will learn from the Super Seminar:


  • Learn how to build your own SALES website.

  • How to design a Killer Sales copy.

  • How to accept online secured payments on your website.

  • How to put your e-business on auto-pilot -24/7

  • How to get top rankings in Search Engines. For a preview of some listings of our sites please CLICK HERE

  • How to generate Traffic to your website.

  • How to set-up a Viral Marketing System to generate FREE Traffic to your site.

  • How to build an Opt-In-List in no time.

  • Online presentation and guidance.

  • Ready business models created for you to promote.

  • How to write a book, including compiling into an ebook.

  • Action plans and workshops.


AND....Plenty MORE!!


For those who are NOT Computer and Internet savvy, do not worry. We will lead you by the hand!



The TIMM Super Seminar package



  • Paperback Copy of the book, 'The Internet Money Machine'.

  • Special Edition CD with 5 ebooks on Internet marketing.

  • Super Seminar Action Plan.

  • 6 months e-coaching via email.

  • E-Newsletter

  • Membership to the TIMM E-Community.

  • Tools and Resources valued in excess of US$3,000.00.

  • Special Bonus for 'Early Bird' Registration.

  • 12 months FREE web hosting.

  • The TIMM Super Seminar.

  • Access to the Member's Area containing loads of FREE ebooks, softwares and resources, articles, etc.

The total value of the entire package is in excess of US$5,500.00




For more information please CLICK HERE.




Some pictures taken at one of the TIMM Super Seminar.


Group Photo



The participants listening attentively to Richard Quek



Richard Quek in action!



"Fantastic" is how I would describe this seminar. TIMM is really a Super Seminar, and an eye opener for me. I made many friends. Anyone looking to boost their income online and sick of going to the office and face the traffic jam everyday should attend this seminar.

I am very fortunate in finding a Guru like Richard, as he unselfishly shares his knowledge and experience. He has taught us to believe enough in ourselves that we can be successful and also to build relationships and to work together as a team.

There are so many [opportunities] out there claiming the same and delivering nothing but disappointments. I love the idea of doing all of my business on the Internet, but after attending this seminar I can see a whole new world of opportunities.

It has really changed my life forever. This is exactly what I've been searching for!!!

Thank You.

Francis Liew

Thank you Richard, for your information packed TIMM Super Seminar. I've certainly learnt enough in these two and half days to be confident of starting an e-business. The post seminar e-lessons and the e-community meetings are even better. Your commitment to ensure your students success is outstanding. I truly appreciate your generosity in spending time with us and your unselfish post seminar guidance. I have only one worry : that my competitor should find out about your seminar.

Yours Truly, TC Yeap





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I do hope that you found something that will be of benefit and useful for you. Should you have any special request or comments please do not hesitate to contact us.


Thanks for your time and do visit us soon. More information and resources will be added from time to time.



Richard Quek


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